Beverly Caulking Flexes Ingenuity at Ontario Science Centre

For more than 50 years the Ontario Science Centre has delighted and inspired millions of visitors to love science, technology and innovation. The iconic brutalist building complex was designed by renowned Canadian architect Raymond Moriyama and built down the side of a wooded ravine on a 90-acre site. Periodic refurbishment has been essential for the [...]

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Do you take the socks on your feet for granted?

You may be surprised to learn that new socks are one of the least donated and most highly demanded articles of clothing at charities and shelters across Canada. There is a tremendous need for new socks, for people living on the streets or experiencing poverty.  Clean, new socks are vital to keeping people’s feet dry, [...]

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Doing Justice to the Oshawa Courthouse

BGIS Global Integrated Solutions Canada is one of the biggest property managers in the world and maintains a raft of P3 (public private partnership) buildings in Ontario. One of the buildings on its roster is the Ontario Court of Justice building in Oshawa, which required concrete repairs and the renewal of caulking at various elevations. [...]

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