Fire stop and Smoke Sealing are powerful passive procedures, that together, prevent a fire from spreading, and prevent smoke and toxic gases from moving to other areas of a building. The key benefit of fire stop and smoke sealing is the extension of critical time for a safe fire evacuation, and further protection to adjoining properties. This added protection protects people from injuries, loss of life, and greatly reduces property damage. We apply these FS and SS systems in multi-unit residential buildings, commercial high-rises, hospitals, restaurants and more. Beverly Caulking has the training and extensive experience to apply these systems with precision – which is the only way to achieve success at fire and smoke containment.

Fire stop sealant is a non-combustible, fire-rated material that is used to seal openings in the walls, floors, and fills the space around pipes, ducts, wires, and other mechanical penetrating items. The type of fire stop sealant used is determined by the tested ULC / CUL systems. We are proud to be one of the few caulking contractors in Ontario with an expertise in Fire stop and Smoke Sealing applications, with over 50 years’ experience and a proven track record. Our primary fire stop suppliers are Tremco, STI, and Hilti.

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