Five benefits of partnering with Beverly Caulking for expansion joints:

1. You don’t need to find another trade on-site to install your expansion joints.

Beverly Caulking has the skills and experience to handle the caulking, firestopping, and expansion joints for your project — and we’re one of few contractors that supplies and installs expansion joints.

2. You’ll save money and minimize construction delays.

Choosing Beverly Caulking for your expansion joint needs will remove the uncertainty and risk from your construction project. Beverly Caulking will ensure you have the correct expansion joints – from specifications through real-time build. Your project will run more efficiently.

3. You can be confident in the integrity of our work.

We’ll get accurate measurements on-site and make sure the correct material is ordered and matches site conditions. We’ll supply the expansion joints and ensure they’re installed correctly.

4. Your needs assessment and installation will be completed by trained, highly skilled specialists.

Installing expansion joints is a technical process that requires extensive study and practice. Our team has been trained by every expansion joint supplier we work with: Watson Bowman Acme Corporation, Construction Specialties, Emseal, MM Systems, and Willseal.

5. You can be assured that Beverly Caulking has the expertise to handle any size project in Canada.

Our skilled, experienced specialists are passionate about problem solving and providing reliable solutions.


Expansion joints are commonly used in buildings to accommodate the movement that naturally occurs due to changes in temperature, moisture, and other environmental factors. These joints are designed to allow for the expansion and contraction of building materials without causing damage or structural problems. Expansion joints are typically installed in areas where two different materials meet, such as where a concrete slab meets a brick wall, or where a building’s foundation meets the walls. They can also be installed in large open spaces, such as atriums or hallways, to accommodate the expansion and contraction of the flooring. The installation of expansion joints involves creating a gap between the two materials that will allow for movement. The gap is then filled with a flexible material, such as rubber or silicone, that can stretch and compress as needed.

Beverly has the expertise to install all types of expansion joints: vertical, horizontal, fire-rated, and non-fire rated. Beverly caulkers are trained to understand the characteristics and installation procedures for each application. Firestop and smoke seal expansion joints are critical for maintaining the integrity of fire-rated barriers and protecting occupants in the event of a fire.

Beverly is one of few companies that provide these applications. We take pride in our thorough training and the skill set of our staff.

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