Sealant and caulking are both specially formulated waterproof materials used to seal cracks, fill gaps, connect joints and patch holes in and between various surfaces. The main difference between a caulk and a sealant is elasticity. Caulks are quite rigid when dry, and are intended for use in areas with minimal expansion and contraction. Sealants are made from flexible material- most commonly silicone–making them ideal for areas prone to expansion and contraction. Both are moldables material used for insulation, and protect against water, fire, pests, and extreme temperatures. The sealant or the caulk we use usually comes in 20-ounce sausages and is applied with a caulking gun. A good caulking application begins with a trained technician. With a caulking gun and a specified caulking material, the caulker will apply a smooth bead of caulking, blending it seamlessly into the surfaces and creating an effective seal.


Caulking is vital, but often forgotten in household maintenance. Your home is a living and breathing structure, shifting, settling and moving through the years… Staying in touch with the seals around your windows and doors will help you stay ahead of moisture problems, mold growth, air leaks, outdoor pests, and will also be a significant factor in maintaining energy efficiency. With the change of seasons, you will find that heat, rain, and extreme cold will all cause minor shifts to your
walls and joints as the house materials themselves expand and contract with the changing conditions. The caulk will eventually begin to separate from the wall joints and re-caulking will be necessary. This is normal! Other home exterior areas that require caulking:

  • Utility Areas– protecting cables, wiring etc. Exterior Trim – sealing decorative trim, angles, and corner boards
  • Roof Elements – skylights, vent stacks, or chimneys that need proper seals
  • New siding replacement – wooden trim and siding
  • Foundation to Siding – all areas where your siding meets the foundation

There are many valuable areas inside the home that call for caulking. Plumbing fixtures require proper seals to protect from water damage including faucets, water pipes, drains, and bathtubs. Caulk is also applied between trim moldings and walls to fill the gaps to show a seamless connection between wall and trim. Think of caulking as a best kept secret to reducing related maintenance costs and ultimately boost your property value. Staying on top of the integrity of your seals inside and outside the home is a long-term investment. Make it an annual review. Grab a coffee, and check out the integrity of your seals, inside and outside the home. Stay ahead of problems and if you have any queries, invite us over for a complimentary assessment.


Before you do-it-yourself, seek to understand the benefits of a professional installation. At Beverly Caulking, we provide a 15-year warranty and superior commercial grade products that support our longevity. Our work has taken us from residential homes and apartment buildings to skyscrapers to water sewage treatment plants – we work within many industries and a are skilled at a complex array of applications.

There is no man-made surface we have not caulked or have the ability to seal. Proper sealing and waterproofing of your house helps reduce related maintenance issues and expenditures, and also increases the lifespan of your home. We often get calls from people who have tried to do the work themselves and find out it’s not as easy of it looks. It often costs more in the long run to repair and clean up the most valiant efforts. In our world, caulking is an artform. It is a skill that is learned and developed over time, ensuring an efficient seal and a blended, clean finish every time.

Our installers have been trained professionally, and many have 10, 20 and 30 years of experience with a variety of caulking applications and products. The commercial grade sealants we install on your home are the same products we install on high-rise buildings, hospitals, water sewage treatment plants, and commercial buildings. We have a variety of sealant materials to ensure your home gets exactly the application it needs.

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