Beverly Caulking is one of Canada’s most recognized caulking and firestopping contractors in residential, commercial, institutional, and industrial markets. We’re also the first choice for most projects in need of security caulking.
Working with security caulking can be more complex than working with standard commercial caulking. Beverly Caulking’s highly trained and experienced professionals understand the needs of facilities that require security caulking and have the skills to do the job right.

What Is Security Caulking?

Security caulking is a rigid sealant formulated to be harder and more durable than traditional construction caulking materials. Security caulking can be either tamper-proof or tamper-resistant. This means it’s very difficult to damage, cut, or remove the caulking.

Security caulking is used in facilities that require extra measures to prevent the people in the facility from harming themselves and others. It also reduces risk of damage to the building and its contents. Security caulking is used to caulk items to the walls and floor to prevent from hiding dangerous or prohibited items behind the furniture and fixtures, behind the caulking, or in the joints.

The danger of sharp edges can also be addressed with security caulking. The caulking can be used to cover sharp edges on items like keypads and countertops. This is a safety measure to prevent accidental injuries or opportunities for self-harm.
Security caulking can also be used to improve sanitary conditions. The caulking can minimize the risk of mold and mildew by preventing water from getting under or behind fixtures and furnishings.

There are two types of security caulking:

  1. Pickproof Caulking
    Pickproof or tamper-proof caulking is rigid and difficult to remove. It can be used to secure furniture and other objects. This is especially important in environments where constant supervision isn’t possible.
  2. Pick-resistant caulking
    Pick-resistant or tamper-resistant caulking is durable and difficult to remove, but it has some flexibility. It’s often used in common areas where there is supervision. Pick-resistant caulking may be used in spaces like cafeterias, exercise rooms, or visiting areas.

Choosing security caulking is more expensive than standard commercial caulking, but the cost is offset by the benefits of the sealant. Using security caulking provides greater risk management and cost savings benefits:

  • It provides more safety for people in the building, and this reduces liability risks.
  • It’s a strong, durable product that requires little or no maintenance.
  • It holds up better in extreme temperatures.
  • It lasts longer than traditional construction caulking.
  • There’s less risk of damage to the building and its contents.

Where Is Security Caulking Essential?

For many types of facilities, security caulking is an essential part of the building construction. Let’s look at some of the facilities that rely on security caulking to manage safety risks.

Prisons, Police Stations, Detention Centres, and Courthouses

In these facilities, inmates or detainees may be try to use construction materials, furniture, and other unsecured objects to hurt themselves or others. In prisons or detention centres, they may try to remove the caulking to hide weapons, drugs, or other prohibited items. They might also remove the caulking to eat or smoke it. Pickproof caulking minimizes the risk of these types of incidents and protects the safety of the inmates, detainees, employees, and visitors.
In common spaces like a cafeteria or a visiting room where there is constant supervision and low risk of tampering, pick-resistant caulking is likely a safe choice.

Hospitals and Mental Health Units

In hospitals and mental health units, including psychiatric facilities, security caulking helps protect patients from injuring themselves or other people.

Pickproof caulking may be used to stabilize mirrors, beds, chairs, and other furniture. Without the pickproof caulking, there is an increased risk of patients using unsecured objects to hurt themselves or others. Pickproof caulking also eliminates the risk of patients eating the caulking.

In a common space like a cafeteria, there may be less risk of tampering. This may be a suitable space for using pick-resistant caulking.

Schools and Daycare Centres

Security caulking can be used inside and outside schools and daycares to provide enhanced safety for children. This minimizes the risk of a child pulling the sealant from an expansion joint or another surface and eating it.

Animal Enclosures

Using pickproof caulking in animal enclosures reduces the likelihood of an animal tearing or chewing on the sealant. Pick-resistant caulking may be used on the outside of the enclosures where an animal can’t access it.

Security Caulking Example

In a jail cell, security caulking is applied to all windows, furniture, fixtures, and wall joints. Pick-proof caulking is applied around all furniture and fixtures including beds, shelves, sinks, toilets, toilet paper dispensers, soap dispensers, and mirrors. This type of security caulking can’t be tampered with, and this ensures that an incarcerated person can’t hide any weapons or contraband items behind the caulking.

Pick-proof caulking prevents an incarcerated person from using any of the materials in the cell as weapons. It also prevents a situation where the person may cause self-harm by eating or smoking the caulking.

Count on Beverly for Security Caulking Expertise

Getting the right expertise is key to your project’s success. Too often, projects fall behind the timelines or go over budget. If you don’t have a contractor with expertise in security caulking, you’re at risk of losing time and money on your project. You may also be putting the quality of the construction at risk.

For facilities that require security caulking, the project specifications often require that the installer have at least five years of experience installing security sealant. When you choose Beverly Caulking, you can be assured that you’re working with highly-skilled installers who have extensive experience in security caulking. Our specialists have worked on many projects that required pickproof and pick-resistant caulking.

Examples of Our Security Caulking Projects

We’re proud to have been chosen to complete the security caulking for projects such as these:

Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH)
Toronto South Detention Centre – Beverly Caulking
Ontario Court of Justice – Beverly Caulking
Penetanguishene Mental Health Centre Redevelopment – Beverly Caulking
Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital – Beverly Caulking
Providence Care Hospital – Beverly Caulking
William Osler Health Care Centre – Beverly Caulking
Brampton Courthouse
Mill Haven Correctional Facility
Thunder Bay Courthouse
Barrie Courthouse
Robert S. K. Welch Courthouse holding cells
Toronto Regional Bail Centre

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