Beverly’s team of professional caulkers use superior caulking products and advanced caulking application techniques to protect your commercial building. We have a proven track record in boosting property value, reducing maintenance costs and damage, and extending a building’s lifespan.


Your building envelope lives and breathes and shifts over time. Over the years and the seasons, there will be expansion and contraction, and construction materials will deteriorate. Aged caulking will lose its elasticity, leaving cracks and gaps that create energy loss and increase the risk of property damage.

Areas of expertise

  •   Preventing weather damage and water penetrations
  •   Assessing for energy efficiency
  •   Safeguarding structural integrity
  •   Control joints & expansion joints
  •   Fire Stop Applications
  •   Pest prevention
  •   Remedial Caulking assessment after flood or fire
  •   Utility Area protection of cables, wiring etc.
  •   Exterior Trim – sealing decorative trim, angles, and corner boards
  •   Roof Elements – skylights, vent stacks, or chimneys that need proper seals
  •   New siding replacement Caulking
  •   Foundation protection


The interior of your building is just as important. Correctly installed caulking and sealants will protect against drafts along walls and windows, prevent water infiltration around plumbing fixtures, and provide an extensive list of protective functions. We are pleased to meet you for on-site inspection to review your project for an appraisal or estimate.

A full range of caulking applications

  •   Walls, windows, and doors
  •   Baseboard and trim
  •   Sealing vents and pipes
  •   Fire stop applications
  •   Concrete floors
  •   Control joints /expansion joints
  •   Bathtubs, toilets, faucets and plumbing fixtures
  •   Kitchen countertops

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