Fire stop sealing is a powerful procedure that prevents a fire from spreading. Typically, Beverly installs fire stop and Smoke Seal Systems in multi-unit residential buildings, commercial high-rises, hospitals, restaurants and more. The key benefit of fire stop sealing is that it assists in containing the fire, allowing critical time for a safe fire evacuation from the building, and further protection to adjoining properties. Fire stop material seals openings in the walls and floors of the building. In addition to preventing the flames from spreading, it also prevents the smoke and toxic gases from getting to other areas of the building. This added protection protects people from injuries, loss of life, and greatly reduces property damage. Beverly has extensive experience installing these critical systems with trained technicians that understand and can expertly install this life-saving application.

Fire stop sealant is a non-combustible, fire-rated material that can be used to fill the space around pipes, ducts, wires, and other mechanical penetrating items. The type of fire stop sealant used is determined by the tested ULC / cUL systems.

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