Passive fire protection (PSP) is a vital component of any fire strategy. PSP is built into the structure of a building and limits the spread of fire, smoke, and toxic gases, by containing the fire in a single compartment for an extended duration.

In every building, there are walls and floors that house openings for mechanical, electrical, and plumbing penetrations to allow pipes, ducts, and cables to pass through. Firestopping these joints and penetrations will include specific materials that are designed, tested and fire-resistance rated to resist the passage of fire. Beverly has extensive experience installing these critical systems with specialized Fire stop technicians.

Building Codes have clear requirements and protective protocols on passive fire protection. Beverly Caulking will Fire Stop all penetrations through fire rated walls, floors, and penetrations to achieve fire-rated protection and provide the extra time needed to slow fire and smoke spread, secure areas, mobilize people and get the fire support needed. All of Beverly Caulking’s Fire Stopping and Smoke Sealing projects are assessed and approved upon installation.

Our primary fire stop suppliers are Tremco, STI and Hilti.

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