Your home is a living and breathing structure, shifting, settling and moving through the years. Staying in touch with the seals around your windows and doors will help you stay ahead of moisture problems, mold growth, air leaks, outdoor pests, and will also be a significant factor in maintaining energy efficiency. With changing weather, we recommend paying closer to attention areas that are caulked around your home. Heat, rain, and extreme cold will all cause minor shifts to your walls, joints as the house materials themselves expand and contract with the changing conditions.

  • Wall Joints
  • Windows & Doors
  • Utility Areas – protecting cables, wiring etc.
  • Exterior Trim – sealing decorative trim, angles, and corner boards
  • Roof Elements – skylights, vent stacks, or chimneys that need proper seals
  • New siding replacement – wooden trim and siding
  • Foundation to Siding – all areas where your siding meets the foundation


The interior of your home is just as important. Correctly installed caulking and sealants will protect against drafts along walls and windows. Beverly takes pride in a professional finish, applied by a trained technician, that will present a seamless connection that is clean and blend into its surroundings.

Think of caulking as a best kept secret to reducing related maintenance costs and boosting your property value. Staying on top of the integrity of your seals inside and outside the home is a long-term investment. Make it an annual review. Grab a coffee and check out the integrity of your seals. Stay ahead of problems and if you have any queries, please invite us over for a complimentary assessment and estimate. We would be happy to review your home together.

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