We often receive calls for inspecting work that requires solutions that go beyond architectural drawings and specifications: High elevation/access assessments will involve any building with a challenge: from a 40-storey tower surrounded by water requiring access to exterior heights, to finding access to control joints in tight tunnels at Sewage Treatment Plants, to fire-stopping electrical and mechanical penetrations in the back-end engineering rooms in a Train Station. All of these complexities are our favourite work. Beverly Caulking has the capacity to problem solve and execute solutions for the most demanding and difficult jobs.

Insurance assessments for residential condominiums, homes, apartment buildings and the like, for post-fire or flood events. We have a lifetime of experience working with General Contractors in the assessment of remedial solutions to bring a building back to life. General Inspection of aged buildings or residences that require a maintenance assessment. To extend a building’s lifespan, we assess structures for weather damage, structural integrity, energy efficiency and ventilation. From here, we will make recommendations.

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