Your house is an energy-consuming beast. Keeping it cool or warm depending on the season, costs you in energy and money. If you have poorly sealed windows, skylights or doors, these areas are going to cost you considerably more and reduce your home’s ability to maintain a desired temperature. Cracks and draughts can increase your heating bill up to 30% throughout the winter, maybe more. Best thing you can do is assess the integrity of your windows, doors and seals regularly. We are happy to help. Heat loss prevention begins with properly functioning caulking, which stops air from wafting its way in. This is just one example of why it is essential to ensure your window caulking is doing its job. Here are 5 other good reasons to check the integrity of the caulking around your windows and doors:

Here are 5 good reasons to check the caulking around your windows and doors:

  1. Prevent Water DamageIf the window caulking is rigid, cracked or deteriorating, this creates the perfect setting for water to seep in and damage mullions, sills, bricks, mortar and other connected building materials. If left unrepaired, the impact can be extremely costly work.
  2. Protect your family’s healthWater damage can lead to mold, which is often responsible for allergies, asthma, and other health risks. Effective window caulking prevents water and moisture from infiltrating your home as well as air pollution, dust and carbon monoxide.
  3. Increase your property valueThink of caulking as a best kept secret to reducing related maintenance costs and ultimately boost the value of your home. Staying on top of the integrity of your seals inside and outside the home is a long-term investment. Not only is caulking functional, the clean and well-maintained appearance of door and window caulking is a showcase of the care you have provided your home, particularly if you are selling it.
  4. Outdoor Pest PreventionGaps and cracks are the gateway for rodents and outdoor pests to welcome themselves into your home. Make sure the window caulking is not damaged, aged or on its way to becoming a new door for the uninvited.
  5. Improve the appearance of your homeThere is nothing like the fresh and professional look of Beverly Caulking’s window and door caulking replacement. All the gaps and cracks are sealed with a clean straight bead of caulking, the joints are smooth, the entire area has been cleaned, and the colour match blends beautifully with the rest of your home, enhancing the house’s overall appearance.

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