Have you ever had an experience like this? You find an amazing home repair company that goes beyond your expectations. They don’t just fix a problem — they also solve the underlying issue that caused the problem. That’s the service you can expect when you choose Beverly Caulking. Our goal is to exceed your expectations.

Beverly has been doing residential caulking repairs for over 60 years. Our extensive experience gives us a deep understanding of what affects the integrity of a house and how to identify and resolve underlying issues.

Regular Inspections Help Prevent Big Problems

We often get questions from homeowners about drafts, moisture, water damage, and mold growth. Another common concern is about outdoor pests finding their way inside the house. If you have any of these problems, you may suspect the seals around your windows, doors, wall joints, skylights, or vents are the culprits. Your thinking is solid. Deteriorated caulking is often the source of these problems.

Regular caulking inspections can prevent small problems from becoming big ones. Consider getting a caulking inspection every one to three years.

Count on Beverly’s Caulking’s Comprehensive Approach

Beverly’s caulking specialists will conduct a thorough, complimentary inspection of your house’s seals and other components to identify any issues. Our skilled, experienced caulking specialists are passionate about problem solving and providing solutions you can count on.

Sometimes the caulking deterioration is limited to a couple of windows, and only minor repairs are needed. Other times, it’s not a caulking issue but a problem with the windows, flashing, masonry, or air duct system. Our services include interior and exterior caulking to maximize the protection of your home.

You can be confident our fully insured and bonded caulking specialists will handle your repairs with care. We take pride in treating your home repair as if it is our own home project. This is how Beverly Caulking approaches all residential caulking jobs — an approach that has earned us the trust of homeowners for over 60 years.

Get a Complimentary Residential Caulking Inspection

When you choose Beverly Caulking, you’ll get the solutions and expertise you need to protect your home. Our solutions can also help you improve your home’s energy efficiency, save on energy costs, and reduce your carbon footprint.

While you’re looking at your caulking needs, you may also want to look into whether you’re eligible for the Greener Homes Canada Grant. This initiative could help you save money when you take care of important repairs and upgrades to your home.

Contact us today to book a complimentary residential caulking inspection. One of our specialists will follow up with you within 48 hours.