Do I get a Complimentary Consultation?

Absolutely. We will be glad to drop over for a complimentary assessment. Think of caulking as a best kept secret to reducing related maintenance costs and boosting your property value. Staying on top of the integrity of your seals inside and outside your commercial property is a long-term investment. Click on the link to get [...]

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Can you help with power washing or painting?

We can support these applications for commercial properties. Beverly will power wash windows and precast panels to clean the dirt and remove the staining and pollution build-up. This is often requested during the construction phase and in later years for long-term maintenance. Beverly will paint window mullions, muntins, heads, sills and jams to compliment the [...]

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What is your policy about COVID-19?

Our highest priority is the health and safety of our staff and our clients. Beverly Caulking Staff who test positive for COVID-19 will not be at the workplace until their symptoms have cleared for at least 24 hours. We are closely following the Ontario Ministry of Health guidelines, as well as the guidelines of the [...]

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What types of products do you use?

Beverly Caulking has access to, and uses, a variety of products, manufactured by producers that specialize in high-end caulking and sealing materials for commercial, industrial and institutional projects. The products we use have a proven record of longevity, most of them expecting to last in excess of 25 years with no loss of elasticity and [...]

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Why NOT remove caulking?

Removing old sealant can damage adjoining surfaces such as stucco and wood frames.  Leaving the caulking is not only a money saver but, in many cases, it is unnecessary to remove.  If the existing bead is small enough, it can easily be capped over. We would apply a bond breaker on top, which is a commercial [...]

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How long will the project take?

The scope and size of each project will vary. Feel free to call and discuss your project. We are happy to provide a complimentary assessment, and present a recommendation which will include the time frame in our quotation. Routinely, the work will be scheduled within 3 weeks of acceptance of the price.

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What is your process?

We will visit your location and introduce ourselves, explaining who we are, and likely share some history about Beverly Caulking. Then, we will spend some time asking you about the problems you are experiencing and the concerns you have regarding your property. At this point, we are now ready to examine the areas of concern [...]

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