Removing old sealant can damage adjoining surfaces such as stucco and wood frames.  Leaving the caulking is not only a money saver but, in many cases, it is unnecessary to remove.  If the existing bead is small enough, it can easily be capped over. We would apply a bond breaker on top, which is a commercial grade flexible tape that covers the existing caulking. This tape ensures movement and flexibility throughout the seasons with the extreme temperatures. We then apply a fresh bead of caulking to ensure a clean seal that will do its job – protect, withstand and have the strength to respond to the changing environment.

We suggest remove caulking if it is a large bead, moldy, peeling or if there is moss or mildew present. This will impact the adhesion and the mold / mildew will eventually show through. We assess the circumstance and will advise either full removal or capping.