We often get calls from people who have tried to do the work themselves. They soon realize it’s not as easy as it looks. Even the most valiant efforts can translate to additional repairs that add considerable costs to their project.

We take training very seriously at Beverly Caulking. When we welcome a trainee, we encourage their development and commitment, with hopes our new candidate will devote their entire working life to being a Caulker.

Over the first five years of their career, a trainee will progress from being a helper, cleaning joints and gaps, filling caulking guns, steadying ladders, cleaning debris, to smoothing or tooling a journeyman’s application. The trainee will graduate to handling a caulking gun and applying caulking to easy-to-do joints, slowly progressing to more difficult applications.

Along the way, they will also learn why we use different materials for different applications, how best to prepare joints, and all the intricacies of working in different weather conditions. They will take many safety courses and learn all about working at heights with ladders and scaffolding the importance of safety belts, safety ropes, safety boots, hardhats, and other personal protective equipment. At the end of 5 years, this individual will ultimately become a journeyman caulker.

In addition to supplying trained staff, Beverly Caulking has access to products that are not available to the general public (ie. not from Home Depot). The commercial grade sealants that we will apply on your home are the same products we apply on hospitals, sewage treatment plants, and high-rise buildings. These products have both proven longevity and a manufacturer’s warranty that will give you added assurance in what you are receiving.

Hope this helps.